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Arcade Games

Play arcade games, air hockey, or get your groove on with some Dance Dance Revolution!

Arcade Experience

Our arcade features over 50 thrilling games for all ages to enjoy! 

Test your skills on one of our racing games or challenge your friends to a game of Space Invaders. We are proud to offer plenty of multi-player and single player games so you can have an exciting night solo or with friends. 

We have it all!

We provide a fun, immersive experience for people of all ages. We offer both retro and new games that cater to your nostalgic sensibilities as well as your modern gaming needs. No matter what type of gamer you are, kid or adult, we have a wide selection of arcade games for you to enjoy and spend hours lost in the world of gaming.

Our birthday party packages start at just $17.49 per guest to give arcade play, pizza, and drinks. Let us make your special someone's birthday the coolest event of the year by having their party with us. Come find out why we're called Z FUN Factory!

Arcade Game Joystick
Amusement Arcade Game

Z Fun Factory is more than your average arcade!

We're a destination for family fun where you can enjoy classic games and the latest releases. Our redemption counter has a wide assortment of prizes that make everyone feel like a winner! Come and see what we're all about, and let us make your day more enjoyable.

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